Why We Changed Our Name to Arketa

We loved our Sutra brand, but like all forms of growth -- we thought Arketa was a better fit for our community. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at our rebrand.

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November 14, 2023

To put matters plainly, we loved our Sutra brand. It helped us launch and embody our yoga roots. We developed partnerships with instructors all over the world with the brand. But then something incredible happened. We grew.

And not just a little bit. We grew into multiple aspects of the wellness world, and soon enough, the ‘Sutra’ name didn’t feel like it included all the different types of fitness instructors on our platform. It felt limiting. And over here, we’re all about growth. So we needed a name that would grow with us.

Introducing Arketa. Derived from Greek, Arketa means ‘enough.’ And from this day forward, we want you to know that by showing up and creating your unique mark in the fitness world, you are enough. Every. Single. Day.

Keep on reading to go deep into why we rebranded and how you can hop on this journey with us.  

1. Why We Did It

Sutra started, focusing on yoga instructors and their communities, but since that initial vision, we’ve grown to host fitness instructors from all different backgrounds. We never want our branding to only cater to one type of industry culture, when there are so many inspiring ones that we can reach out to and elevate through our platform.

We felt that this change would bring about more belonging and cohesiveness within our whole community. And we also thought it would attract more connected wellnessfitness diversity to our platform.

So we made a big change. We changed our name, broadened our brand direction, and our brand identitysymbolism to foster a feel accessible feeling for to all fitness professionals. Regardless of your culture, language or industry, we encourage you to join us on our Arketa platform.

The name Arketa also communicates our world-class, feature-rich platform and our desire to deliver white glove, customer-centric service that allows our fitness and wellness instructors to feel supported. This way, they can focus on teaching and inspiring while we take care of all of the logistics of running a fitness business.

2. The Meaning of Arketa 

‘Arketa’ is the Greek word for enough. We felt that being enough is what our platform embodies. When you show up for yourself, you are enough. In fitness, we see a push to change people, make people different, and glamorize a certain future ideal. Not here. Just by committing to yourself and leaning into your strengths, you as a fitness instructor are always enough.

Being enough goes deeper than that. When you believe that you are enough, you have faith in your abilities. This inspires your students to have faith in their abilities. When you embrace arketa, you exude this beautiful confidence that allows your students to connect with you on an energetic level. And we want you to put all of that energy into your students as we take over the tech side of your business.

Arketa believes that we are all worthy. We are all passionate. We can all support. Through this value, we work to support you on every single level, so you never feel overwhelmed and always feel like you’re well on your way no matter what your journey looks like. We’re your partner from your first customer to your millionth!

3. How We Embody This Brand

Arketa is the platform that partners with you to make things happen. We want you to show up as you. We want you to focus on being who you are with your students as we take care of everything on the back-end of your fitness business.

We are approachable. We want you to see our humanity and reach out whenever you need a little extra support. We make creating online fitness classes and building a fitness business accessible and simple. That’s because you have a gift, and we want to help you share it with the people who need to receive it.

We’re confident this new brand will help us show the values that have been inside of us this whole time. 

4. Moving Forward

Now moving forward, we see Arketa as a beacon. A beacon that you can also use to center yourself as you grow your business. It will lead you to do what you love while taking those tedious tasks off your plate.

Arketa’s all-in-one, intuitive platform manages all of the business tasks that probably aren’t your favorite. And by not your favorite, we mean...you hate them. By using the Arketa platform, you can focus on connecting with your community while we power your passion with all of the back-end tasks.

Because more people need to see what you can offer. Get started with Arketa today and grow your fitness business seamlessly.

Arketa has revolutionized the way I run my wellness studio. Saving me valuable time that I can now dedicate to my clients.

Jane Houseman
Fitness Studio

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