Client experience

A user experience that brings clients back

Your clients deserve a thoughtful and smooth experience from start to finish. With Arketa, they won't wrestle with clunky software that doesn't work right when they go to book. Take one step of hassle out of the equation with our effortless guest experience.

Save your clients the headache of dealing with clunky software

Cut down customer support time

Save your team time on support. Our self service booking and buying processes mean your clients need less help from you to book.

Boost revenue with ease of booking

Smooth booking means your software won't get in the way of potential revenue. Empower clients with booking tools such as automated confirmations, waitlist, waiver management, and autopay.

Keep clients in the know

Keep clients updated with transactional emails, marketing messages, SMS reminders, and bulletin announcements. This creates a community your clients will want to return to.

A better client experience means more revenue

By choosing a software that works for your clients and gives a fast and clear experience, you'll see more bookings and reservations coming in. Clients can easily manage their own class packages and memberships, putting more money in your pocket.

  • Offer specials to attract new members when booking
  • Save time and earn perpetual revenue with autopay
  • Max out class attendance with class reminders, waitlisting and cancelation policy management

Save your clients hours behind the screen

We've thought of everything when it comes to the client experience and our goal is to help your clients spend less time behind a screen, and more time in class with you. Help your clients fall in love with your studio by offering them all the tools to book and keep coming back.

  • Get bookings faster with two-click booking
  • Manage client info, bookings, and billing from your dashboard
  • Offer recurring packages and memberships
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