Operations + reporting

Stay on top of studio operations and performance

Arketa offers a built in analytics dashboard so you know exactly how you're doing, and you have the data to make informed decisions. Customize your reporting to fit your studio needs, without the headache of organizing data.

Know your data

Make informed decisions backed by your data

Take the second guessing out of making impactful decisions for your business. Knowing your data will help you feel secure and make your decisions even more effective.

Analytics without crunching numbers

We handle all calculations, saving you hours on data organization. Your live dashboard reflects your studio's performance over various time frames.

Maximize revenue with data-backed decisions

Put your energy towards offerings that are maximizing revenue. Reporting reveals the best performing class types, times, pricing options, and other key metrics.

Build your analytics to fit your business

Fill your dashboard with the reports that are most relevant to your business. We offer a multitude of reporting metrics that allow you to get data on all areas of your revenue and bookings without the clutter of unnecessary charts.

  • Favorite reports to keep easily accessable
  • Access and export specific client data in each report
  • View reporting on sales, bookings, pricing options, new client metrics and more

All your reports, automatically generated to save you time

No more spending hours gathering data and working through formulas and charts to get basic information on your metrics. Arketa has over 25 reports for you to choose from at any time.

  • View all reservations for your classes, videos and community classes
  • Learn who are your most valuable customers
  • Test intro offers and see which converted better
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