Booking software doesn't need to be frustrating

Fitness and wellness software has been clunky, piecemeal, frustrating, and way too complicated for way too long. Now, there's another way.

Built for modern studio needs

Our team of fitness professionals set out to build the platform they wish they had.

We started with a foundation of smart automations that allow you to spend less time on manual tasks and throw your post-it system out the window.

We experienced how frustrating the outdated systems are both for you and your clients, so we focused on a clean and intuitive interface that made running a studio easier, not harder.

Then, we created the rockstar customer support that we wish we had. You can get your questions answered via live chat, and we're staffed up for the weekends, when we know you're the busiest.

What's our superpower?

It's our unparalleled understanding of this industry, and it comes from first-hand experience. This team of former owners, operators, and instructors have been in your shoes. With their insights and support, you'll be equipped to create the wellness business you've been dreaming of.

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