Marketing + automations

Unlock revenue through communication

Easily send marketing campaigns, automations and texts that maximize engagement and increase revenue, all powered by your Arketa data.

Use tools designed for you and your business

Our Marketing Suite is the first tailored for wellness businesses. It integrates segments, campaigns, and workflow triggers into your dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Meet your new AI-assisted marketer

With automated workflows to send emails, texts, push notifications and assign team tasks, our AI assisted tools allow you to experience the impact of a full-time marketer.

Increase revenue-per-client

By sending weekly newsletters and using client behavior such as class completion or membership initiation to trigger workflows, your revenue per client will significantly increase.

Quickly create emails with the help of AI

Don't wrestle with complicated interfaces or spend an whole afternoon writing copy. Our AI-powered editor eliminates the learning curve and speeds up creation allowing you to effortlessly set up captivating campaigns in just minutes.

  • Craft email copy with AI
  • Choose from attention-grabbing subject lines from AI
  • Give the AI image generator a prompt for email images

Drive growth through connection

By responding to clients in real-time, managing leads collected through forms, and reaching out to a new client before their first class you create a more personalized experience that they'll come back for.

  • Use rich client CRM data to create tailored segments
  • Communicate with clients via text, and book them into class on the same screen
  • Meet clients where it's easiest for them: email, text, or push notification
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