Manage all your locations and teams in one place

Arketa scales with your business. Whether you're growing your team and locations, or you're already there, you can easily manage it all on Arketa.

Organize your team across all locations

Manage and organize your whole team

Having your instructors on your studio account allows you to manage their schedules, payments and rates from one spot, saving you time behind the desk.

Manage payroll across locations

Payroll management is simple on Arketa. Set custom payrates for teachers, manage reporting and payroll from your dashboard.

Get 1:1 help for multi location setup

Our team works with you to set up your multi location studio. You'll get 1:1 live help during onboarding and then checks ins from our team.

Save time managing your team

Organize all your teacher's class times and payments. Arketa simplifies team management, so you can spend more time on your clients.

Set team member schedules and availability

Set team member access permissions from admin to guest instructor

Set custom instructor pay rates for each class or appointment type

Power all your locations from one dashboard

Save a headache and hours behind the desk by managing all your locations from one dashboard, under one account. Arketa helps simplify your operations so everything runs smoothly.

Set location availability with weekly hours and overrides

Get 1:1 help onboarding and setting up from our team of fitness professionals

Manage all your marketing, payroll and clients for all your locations

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