On-demand library

Make money while you sleep

Earn passive and scalable income with our on-demand library that works for you, while you take your time back.

Expand your reach beyond in-person

Build passive, scalable income

Go from renting out your time, to scaling a library of content that generates passive income so you can take your time back.

Clients can workout with you anytime

Provide clients with flexible access to your classes to fit their schedule, including workouts for when they're on the go, busy, traveling, or during off hours.

Expand your reach worldwide

Make your content accessible to the world, allowing you to grow your reach and revenue exponentially with no limits.

Make your content easily accessible

With Arketa you can easily customize filters in your library which display on your website. Clients can quickly find a favorite themed class, special class type, or date they remember taking the class.

  • Allow clients to find their favorite videos quickly
  • Push your latest content with date filtering
  • Tailor clients' experience with class type + difficulty filters

Organize the navigation of your content

Organize all your video content with categories and collections. Make navigating easy by segmenting content and organizing collections within your categories.

  • Keep your popular content visible with a category for recommended workouts
  • Increase client committment by grouping videos together for a workout series
  • Improve retention by grouping different types of workouts
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