Custom branded websites

Your website, now built for conversion

Code blocks? Huh? We've got you. We'll build and customize your website so you can put your best foot forward. We make it as easy as uploading your photos and picking your color palette. Our design team works their magic so you can do more of what you love.

Trust Arketa for the final piece

Proven designs

You're not just looking for website visitors; you really want sales and bookings. Our proven site templates drive sales, attract new customers, and increase revenue with existing ones.

Reach new customers

Every website consists of SEO tools, allowing you to maximize your presence on the internet, and integrates with ad platforms.

You keep the keys

Yes, we build your website for you, but we also teach you the simple CMS, so you can make changes on your own as well.

Includes tools you need for success

Your Arketa website comes with SEO features enabled, and ready to integrate with your existing tools.

  • Integrate forms from most popular email marketing tools, if you're not using ours
  • Implement pixels from Google and Meta to enable digital advertising
  • Add an SEO-optimized blog, for an additional cost

Our widgets are the star of the show

Arketa websites are built to let Arketa scheduling widgets shine. What better way to showcase your classes, on-demand library, and more.

  • Your clients never have to leave your website to book
  • Add filters into your widgets, so clients can see what you want them to
  • Add pages for events, courses, appointments and more
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