Events, retreats + courses

Inspire and connect with your community

With Arketa, you can unlock a world of possibilities to offer compelling events, inspiring retreats, and enriching courses. Our user-friendly tools and customizable features enable you to manage and monetize your offerings, while creating cultivating memorable experiences.

Boost your revenue potential

Broaden your income sources

Arketa enables easy creation, promotion, and ticket sales for your events, retreats, and courses, opening new income avenues beyond traditional services.

Reach a wider audience

Connect globally with Arketa's virtual events, online courses, and digital retreats to expand your reach and make a worldwide impact.

Create memorable community experiences

Differentiate your business by offering thoughtfully curated events, retreats and courses that enrich your community.

Save time and gain peace of mind

Let Arketa streamline your event management and course administration, including registration, payment, communications and feedback.

  • Offer your clients a hassle-free registration process
  • Get paid faster with integrated payment solutions
  • Track performance with comprehensive reporting tools

Create lasting and impactful experiences

With Arketa, you can customize event pages, retreat itineraries, and course descriptions to reflect your unique brand and engage your audience.

  • Reflect your brand with customized event pages, itineraries, and course descriptions
  • Offer exclusive perks to attract and retain participants
  • Increase revenue with bundle packages or early member perks
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