Recording Your Perfect Zoom Workout

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as recording a class that you *know* is going to make people sweat and release all of those endorphins. But how can you record a Zoom workout class that’s clean, smooth, fun, and engaging all at once?

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March 25, 2024

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as recording a class that you *know* is going to make people sweat and release all of those endorphins. But how can you record a Zoom workout class that’s clean, smooth, fun, and engaging all at once?

By using Zoom and adding in some of our top tips, you can create Zoom workout videos that inspire your online fitness community to keep coming back for more. Scroll on to see our favorite ways to make Zoom workouts the best workouts.

1. Set up your space

Even though you’re not *physically* in the studio, your students want that studio experience. 

Don't have space? No worries, the reason your students are taking your class is they want YOU in your element. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through with photos, your couch, or your succulent collection.

To start your space prep journey, check your wi-fi connection. If it’s not strong, you may want to consider switching to your strongest Internet room. This way, you won’t start buffering mid-Burpee. Once you’ve confirmed a quick connection, look at your lighting. You want great lighting that makes it easy for your students to see your moves and follow your class. Dim lighting can make the class hard to follow, especially when teaching complex moves or fast routines.

Then after you’re well-lit, turn your attention to the backdrop. A half-eaten pizza box doesn’t exactly give off oasis-yoga vibes, so you’ll want to set the scene for your class. Add intentional decor, but remember, less is always more.

Once your space is set up and ready to go, turn your attention to your headspace. Take a deep breath and give yourself an affirmation. Your Zoom workout class is about to be awesome. 

2. Test it out

If you’re feeling nervous, that’s totally normal. Test out your audio and camera by doing a dress rehearsal for the class. This way, you’ll be able to pick up any details that feel ‘off.’ You’ll also be well-equipped to crush that dance routine or smoothly go through your Vinyasa flow.

You can also make your first class an open house or keep it exclusive to your most engaged students. With arketa, you’re in control and can mark a class as hidden or only accept friends and family.

3. Make your audio awesome

Hearing you and having bumpin’ music is key to a great class. Your students will look to your vocal cues to stay engaged, inspired, and on track. When it comes to audio, you have a couple of options. You can use nothing, work out in a quiet room and rely on them playing their own music OR you can have a whole audio setup going on. We recommend using at least a mic or Airpods and sharing your computer audio so you get that crisp in-studio feel.

But if you’re hardcore or rely on awesome music to fuel your class, you may want to look into a USB mixer, mic set, speaker, and collection of connection cables to create a full-on ambiance. 

4. Tech it up

If you’re not a tech person, that’s all good. Zoom is a super intuitive software tool, but you’re going to want to check a few things. Make sure your Zoom settings are where you want them (audio, camera, view, etc.) along with waiting rooms and passwords. This will make the online workout class experience super smooth. If you ever want more Zoom tips, arketa puts a bunch right inside your dashboard. We also integrate with Zoom so your settings will be exactly the same as how you set them up.

5. Hit it!

When it comes to hitting that “Go LIVE” button...have fun with it! Add in still images within your videos with catchy ‘let’s sweat’ titles or play your favorite on-brand intro song. Your class is getting pumped for their day, so be generous with the amount of personality you show and allow your community to connect with you as they would in a physical studio. Then, hit record, take a deep breath, lead that awesome workout and shower your students in compliments during that much-needed cooldown.

And feel free to keep the room open after for questions or feedback from students and to take a sweaty selfie.

6. Prep the recording

You did it! And now you’re going to do it again and again for those who couldn’t make it. Grab your Zoom recording from either the Cloud or your computer and upload it for your community. Take a fun selfie before you record (if you can remember!) to create a high-quality preview image. Add in helpful product links to the description and promo that new class. Make sure you follow up with your students after class so you can keep putting out workout content that will inspire them to grow. Get them stoked to take another class from you.

Upload your videos into an on-demand library so your students can watch at their own convenience. offers unlimited video storage and hosting and custom filters so it’s easy for your students to come back and watch your classes.

By using, you can easily turn sporadic Zoom workouts into a close-knit fitness community. With intuitive features, you can start to build a library of workout videos, sell courses and digital products, support your students and grow your online brand. With a multitude of marketing tools and analytics functions, you can watch your fitness business grow from a few students to a group of die-hard regulars.

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