How to Keep Your Community Engaged During the Holiday Season

It can be tough to attend online workout programs during the holidays. In this article, we’re showing you some of our best tips so you can continue to build your fitness business and engage your community during the holiday season.

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March 25, 2024

The holidays are usually synonymous with great company, mulled wine and present-opening. Oh...and incredible food and massive amounts of cookies. As a fitness instructor, you can really use this season of cheer to keep your community on track and engaged (in moderation, of course) so they can charge into 2022 feeling good.

We’ve put together this list of ideas so you can keep your fitness business going strong this December. And more importantly, you can keep your fitness community engaged and excited to stay healthy. 

Run a Promotion

Everyone loves a good holiday deal. Even though Black Friday is over, there is still time to run a fun holiday promo. Give people a discount if they refer a friend to your community. Host a raffle for a free 1:1 personal training session with you. Give away a stunning water bottle from your favorite brand.

You don’t have to get too fancy with it, but a holiday promotion is a great way to spread holiday cheer and increase sales for your fitness business as your community will want to partake in the limited-time offer. 

Host a Challenge 

A themed holiday challenge is a great way to keep your community engaged (and fit!) Give it a fun, holiday-inspired name like “Santa and Squats” or “Holly Jolly Wally Sits.” Your community will love this extra accountability during the holiday season. This way, they can stay on track for their 2022 fitness goals. 

If you want to add to your challenge, team up with another instructor’s fitness business. This way, you can cross-promote and get more people into it. The More the Merrier really holds true here.

Give Gifts  

Want to spread a little more merry? Give out some small gifts to your community. Gift cards, discounts, e-cards, and bonus classes are awesome ways to give back. And it will keep everyone super engaged in your virtual workouts.

Another fun idea is to use gifts to incentivize participation in a holiday challenge. See, it all comes full circle when you have a foolproof holiday engagement strategy to keep your community extra fit during this season. 

Team Up

Holiday cheer is so much better with lots of people. Team up and collaborate with your favorite fitness instructors to add to the holiday spirit. You could partner up for a dance workout or a Christmas tree pose flow party.

And yes, the two of you should 100% dress up and work out in festive gear.

Prep for the New Year 

Some of your students are going to have a harder time staying motivated during the holiday season, but other students are going to want to get a head start on their 2022 goals

By offering advice around enjoying Christmas yummies and indulging as they’d like, your students will have permission to enjoy the holidays and continue to move to make their bodies feel goodIf you feel comfortable, you can also host hard conversations about navigating body conversations with family and setting realistic resolutions. Your community will appreciate the integrity. 

Summing it up...

The holidays are a fun time, but you can make it even better by keeping your community engaged in their health goals and giving them permission to indulge and have some fun. Your virtual workouts have the opportunity to spread joy and movement during this time, and we know you’re going to bring all the cheer this year. 

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