How to Choose the Best Playlist for Your Class

Find music that inspires your fitness students, so they keep coming back for your incredible online fitness class music choice along with your energy.

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March 25, 2024

Whether it’s the soft pop jam that always gets you through a particularly tough crow pose or that hard rock anthem that makes a burpee bearable --- music is everything when it comes to fitness. By cultivating the right playlist, you can make your online fitness classes memorable, exciting, and inspiring.

But we know sometimes finding that song that gives your students the extra push they need before cooldown can be challenging. That’s why we’re giving you our best tips so you can create the fire playlist that everyone keeps talking about. 

1. Find the Vibe

Do you tend to teach hard-core HIIT classes or relaxing Yin hours? What makes a playlist amazing is when it perfectly captures the ‘vibe’ of the class. For example, hard rock and EDM make jump squats feel empowering, while soft vocals can help your students ease into a yoga class.

And don’t be afraid to get creative. Even if a song doesn’t feel appropriate for a specific class, your students may love a change of pace. A grungy throwback can make sun salutations feel stronger, while a soft song during cardio can offer a small moment or easing up. Your students will appreciate the little twist. 

2. Browse Spotify 

I’m sure you have go-to songs that always hit in class, but cultivating an entire playlist can sometimes be tricky. Luckily Spotify is an incredible resource for discovering great songs. Use the recommended feature to see what Spotify thinks you would like or steal songs from classes you’ve taken.

One thing we love to do is research fitness playlists, give some new songs a good listen, and add those tracks that we instantly connect with. Or if you’re out at the mall or listening to the radio and hear an awesome track, you can use the app Shazam to define it so you can add it later. 

3. Ask Your Students

People love hearing their jam get played in class. Music is a great way to connect with your regulars. Poll your students and see what genre always gets them feeling good, then craft a playlist that matches their preferences. You might have a community full of secret metalheads or show tunes lovers. By throwing in a community pick, it shows that you’re tuned into your students’ desires. To add even more fun, let your students pick the song when they’re live in your class. Host a poll and if you’re getting a request in the chat or a lot of ‘woo’ responses, you can instantly add the new track to your playlist.

You can also make it fun by asking your students to submit songs to a virtual ‘song box’ then choose one from the ‘song box’ every time you record a new virtual fitness class. Just imagine how much a student will light up when they hear their song. Remember our hints on email marketing--this would be a great community-builder email--ask for their input in an email.

4. Mix It Up  

What keeps your online fitness class fun is the novelty of a new song or new playlist every now and again. Who knows? Your students may look up to you to discover fun music to power their independent workouts.

If this feels daunting, don’t worry. You don’t have to scrap your favorite playlist just ‘cause it’s a month old. Instead, simply add new tunes when you come across them and take out the ones that are feeling a bit tired and repetitive. This way, the idea of creating a fun, fresh playlist feels easier. 

5. Find Your Signature Songs

On the flip side, your students are going to associate certain songs with your class. Maybe you always have an Adele moment during cooldown, or Ava Max powers your warm-up track. Whatever your music tradition is, signature songs contribute to your overall brand. We highly recommend having 2 or 3 tunes that you incorporate into your classes regularly.

Bonus tip: People tend to remember the beginning or end as opposed to the middle. Play your signature song to start or end class if you’re looking to associate it with your fitness brand. 

To wrap it up...

If you’re a big music fan, this should feel like a really fun aspect of your classes. But if you’re not, there are so many resources out there to make playlist-building a breeze. No matter your style, we’re sure you can create a fire playlist with ease. 

Remember, your students are always there for you. Feel free to ask them how they feel about the music choice or if there’s a particular fitness playlist that they love. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your music. If you’re inspiring your students to show up and give your class their all, well then, in our’re 100% succeeding. 

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