How Pilates Lab Grew by Modernizing with Arketa’s Branded App

Pilates Lab modernized their business using Arketa's customized booking software and branded mobile app. The switch led to improved client engagement, operational efficiency, and market differentiation, contributing significantly to the studio's growth.

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March 25, 2024

About Pilates Lab

Pilates Lab, located in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded by Chandler Eldreth in November 2022. Her goal for the studio was to modernize the practice of Pilates, building a unique method based on the classical Pilates foundation. Initially, Chandler ran the studio alone, handling everything from teaching to administrative duties. As the studio expanded, Chandler sought a booking software and branded mobile app that could deliver the unique experience she was trying to provide.

The Challenge: Finding a Software That is Both Beautiful and Efficient

Chandler faced several challenges while finding a software to elevate Pilates Lab. Firstly, she wanted to give her studio an edge over the competition, avoiding using booking software’s like Mindbody, which offered no competitive advantage.

“I was really looking for a way to differentiate myself as a studio amongst those other studios. I immediately ruled out Mindbody because every single one of them was on Mindbody.”

Pilates Lab also needed a branded mobile app that aligned with the studio's aesthetic and allowed for personalized customization beyond what other softwares could offer a boutique studio. Other branded app options were too generic and lacked the customization Chandler needed to reflect Pilates Lab's unique ethos and modern approach.

“What sets PL apart from nearby studios is our branded app. Having a dedicated app has created a sense of loyalty and commitment with clients, instead of being on other apps besides my competitors.”

Also, starting out as an owner-operator, Chandler needed a software that could offer a modern, intuitive interface while maintaining operational efficiencies so she could focus on teaching and her clients, and less on administrative work.

The Solution: Switching to Arketa for a Customized Experience

Pilates Lab's journey to finding a booking software that met their needs took a significant leap forward with the switch to Arketa.

“I really appreciated Arketa’s clarity and transparency. With other softwares I felt as though I was misled by sales oriented processes, and that never felt like it was the case with Arketa.”

Chandler found other software’s branded apps to feel fake and inefficient. Arketa’s customizable app gave Pilates Lab the edge they needed in a crowded market. She says:

“Having the branded app has allowed people to further invest in Pilates Lab and think of it as a successful business. Everyone is shocked when they come into the studio and see that I am not a franchise.”

Pilates Lab found value in thoughtful features, such as the bulletin board, scheduling recurring appointments and the ability to make real-time updates to classes and packages without any lag. This ensured that Pilates Lab's could meet their clients needs without their booking software getting in the way.

The Results: Arketa's Team and Branded App Transformed Pilates Lab

Chandler’s positive Arketa experience started at onboarding, she says “Arketa’s onboarding was mind blowing to be honest with you. The onboarding process on other softwares, like Glofox, was non existent. The Arketa team was super patient and committed with me.” Chandler also found they were successful in maintaining clients through the migration, which meant her revenue didn’t dip at all from the switch.

Chandler loved working with the Arketa team because of their transparency and helpfulness, she says:

"I appreciate Arketa's full transparency and dedication to serving clients, just like I serve mine in my studio. Their commitment mirrors my own business values. They've been a big help, which makes me their biggest cheerleader."

One of the key features for Pilates Lab was having a branded app, which enhanced the studio's credibility and gave them a leg up on competing studios.

“The app gives us recognition, a sense of loyalty and commitment from our clients and sets us apart from other studios nearby.”

Pilates Lab found everything they were looking for with Arketa: a beautiful interface to elevate their brand, a knowledgeable and helpful team and the features. All of these factors have contributed to Pilates Lab's growth, leading Chandler to expand her team by hiring new instructors.

“A big software company wouldn't care about my boutique studio. They wouldn't care about what my specific needs were and that has certainly proven not to be the case with Arketa. I feel really solid that I made the right choice with Arketa.”

Arketa has revolutionized the way I run my wellness studio. Saving me valuable time that I can now dedicate to my clients.

Jane Houseman
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