How Denver Yoga Social Leveraged Arketa for a 145% Sales Boots

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March 25, 2024

About Denver Yoga Social

Established in 2021 by Shannon Chalmers, Denver Yoga Social has become a cornerstone of Denver’s wellness and yoga community. Offering a diverse array of yoga experiences, from adoptable puppy yoga to rooftop sessions and even happy hour yoga, they have rapidly amassed a devoted following. Committed to fostering a sense of community through yoga, they’ve not only attracted thousands of customers but have also formed partnerships with local businesses, enriching the broader community. By recognizing the demand for wellness events that are both social and playful, they’ve united yoga enthusiasts on and off the mat.

The challenge: An innovative business calls for innovative software

Initially, Denver Yoga Social relied on an event management platform to handle sales and bookings as they embarked on their journey. However, with events across various locations in the city, customers had to purchase individual tickets for each class, creating a cumbersome experience and missing out on potential revenue. Shannon aspired to introduce class packs and memberships but found her existing booking platform lacking this capability. Shannon sought a solution to scale the business and enhance the customer experience. While exploring alternatives, Shannon discovered that many options were overly complex and couldn’t accommodate multiple locations, potentially confusing students.

The solution: Flexibility, affordability, and exceptional support with Arketa

She eventually found Arketa, which, “seemed to have the mostvflexibility and was perfect for my business.” Arketa makes hosting events at multiple locations simple for the user and the host. The flexibility allowed Denver Yoga Social to start offering class packages to improve the customer experience, and streamline internal operations, “Being able to easily integrate it [Arketa] to our website made it really easy for staff to be able to check people in.” As Shannon mentions, Arketa works with studiosvand instructors to deliver the most useful features, while offering unmatched customer service, “[Arketa’s] customer support team is immediately responsive which is fantastic. They are there for whatever I need.”

Denver Yoga Social also found Arketa’s pricing to be a standout feature:

“The average yoga software out there does about half of what Arketa does and is double the price. It’s amazing that your price is lower, and you do so much more than these other software solutions.”

The Results: A remarkable 145% surge in sales with Arketa's features

With Arketa, Shannon unlocked the potential of her business by introducing class packs and memberships. “Instead of customers checking in for just one class, we can now offer them class packs and memberships, encouraging them to return. Once they have a membership or a class pack, they’re committed to using it.” Arketa’s flexibility seamlessly aligned with Denver Yoga Social’s multi-location business model, unlocking class packs and membership options that fostered loyalty and drove a remarkable 145% year-over-year increase in revenue.

Our revenue has grown one hundred and forty-five percent since using Arketa over the past nine months.

Denver Yoga Social’s growth journey doesn’t stop here; they’re gearing up to launch online classes in the coming months, made effortlessly manageable with Arketa.

Arketa has revolutionized the way I run my wellness studio. Saving me valuable time that I can now dedicate to my clients.

Jane Houseman
Fitness Studio

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