Membership + loyalty

Boost your revenue with memberships and loyalty programs

Arketa lets you offer a multitude of membership and loyalty programs to your clients, making it easy and quick for them to keep buying from you. Arketa gives you the tools to build a loyal community with perpetuating revenue.

Easily build simple promotions and memberships

Leverage loyal clients

Offer a referral program to build customer loyalty and increase revenue by incentivizing clients to share your business with their friends.

Recurring revenue from memberships

Build custom membership offerings to fit your audience. Offer special perks and priveleges to certain members.

Launch promotional campaigns in a sec

Easily offer custom deals and promotions to your clients, or certain client segments. Build promo codes, discounts and more.

Flexibility of memberships to fit your business

Offer a multitude of memberships for your clients to choose from, ensuring that you don't miss out on sales. Customize your memberships with titles, details, images and more.

Create intro offers for new students

Customizable billing intervals and options

Choose offerings that memberships can apply to

Build referral and bring a friend programs

Incentivize existing clients to bring their friends and make the process easy with our bring a friend program. Your clients can introduce their friend to your studio, and then benefit from referring them.

Existing clients can book spots for their guest

Guests receive confirmation emails and alerts

Create custom referral campaigns with shareable links

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